The Japanese love their food. This can be seen by the number of people who eat out and the number of food related programs on TV. While sushi has become increasingly popular in the West, most Japanese food remains pretty much unknown. Japanese restaurants around the world have tended to cater to Japanese tourists and have been priced accordingly, i.e. expensive. But in Japan there is a huge variety of food available at prices ranging from very reasonable to a month’s salary. ?Below is the ranking of Japanese dishes that are most liked by Japanese people.

Kare カレー (Curry) 27.1% : This dish is cooked rice with a curry sauce. It can be served with additional toppings such as tonkatsu. Curry is not native Japanese spice, but has been used in Japan for over a century.

Sushi 寿司 19% : Sushi consists of vinegared rice, but also includes cooked seafood, vegetables and egg. Another form of sushi is norimaki, or sushi roll, in which the filling is rolled in rice with a covering of nori.

Ramen ラーメン 15.1% : Ramen is thin egg noodles which is almost always served in a hot broth flavored with shoyu or miso. This is topped with a variety of ingredients such as slices of roast pork (chashu), bean sprouts (moyashi), sweetcorn and butter.

Omelet オムライス 11.5% : Omuraisu (abbreviation for omelet rice) is cooked rice wrapped in a thin omelet and usually served with a gravy sauce or tomato ketchup.

Onigiri おにぎり 8.8% : These are rice balls made of cooked rice and usually wrapped in nori seaweed. Onigiri are slightly slanted and often contain some additional food in the center.

Hamburg steakハンバーグ 6.1% : This is a salisbury dish. Hambagu is made of ground meat with finely chopped onion, egg and breadcrumbs flavored with various spices.

Gyoza 餃子 3.5% : Gyoza are dumplings with a filling usually made of minced vegetables and ground meat. They are usually fried.

Sashimi 刺身 2.7% : Sashimi consists of thin slices of raw fish or other seafood served with spicy Japanese horseradish (wasabi) and shoyu.

By Akebono


Miso 味噌汁 2.3% : A bowl of miso soup often accompanies breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s made by dissolving miso paste in hot water and adding additional ingredients such as wakame seaweed and small pieces of tofu.
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Udon うどん 2.1% : Udon noodles are made from wheat flour. They are boiled and served in a broth, usually hot, but cold in summer, and topped with ingredients such as raw egg to make tsukimi udon, and deep fried tofu to make kitsune udon.

Natto 納豆 1.3% : Natto is a fermented soybean and active bacteria. Usually eaten for breakfast.

Yakisoba 焼きそば 0.5% : Yakisoba are fried or deep fried Chinese style noodles served with vegetable, meat and ginger.


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