The Japanese are interested in visiting mostly western countries. The table below ranks the top ten countries Japanese people visit. ?It is not the latest data, but is from 2009. However, this data probably has not changed much since 2009. The top ten destinations for Japanese people are:

The top ten destination
1. Taiwan
2. USA
3. Germany
4. UK
5. Australia
6. Italy
7. Canada
8. Spain
9. South Korea
10. Turkey



15th Japanese interested (Click for bigger image)


No1 is Taiwan. Well, why Taiwan? Japan and Taiwan have had a good relationship for a long time and Taiwan is not that far from Japan. It is just 3 hours from Tokyo (2 hour 30min from Osaka). Because Taiwan is not far, many people go there over the weekend and long holidays. ?Many also use tour companies to plan a vacation tour of Taiwan.


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