The Tour of Central Tokyo by Train

Are you planning to come to Tokyo for sightseeing? Have you already decided where to go? As you know, there are many train lines in Tokyo. One of the rail lines that is most famous is the Yamanote Line. This rail line is in circular form and is located in central Tokyo, as shown in the map below.




Since it is located in central Tokyo, it is a good idea to look through the window of the train to view what Tokyo is like.
Do you have any information on Yamanote Line?

About Yamanote Line

Yamanote Line is run by JR East. The length of the circuit is about 34.5km and the train takes around 60 minutes to return to the same station you started at. Every train has a different color. Yamanote Line uses this color:

. The train looks like the one in the photo below.

If you can ride in the first or last train car you will feel like you are the conductor of the train. Since the cars have big windows, you are able to see what the conductor is seeing.

Since it is in Japan, you may worry about the announcements being in Japanese. Do not worry! The train has English announcements to notify where you are as well as the next station. There are also displays to show you the information.

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Yamanote line has incredibly popular stations such as Shibuya, Akihabara, Harajuku and so on. Here are the stations on the line
 Tokyo Station
■   Kanda Station
 Akihabara Station
 Nishi Nippori Station
 Tabata Station
 Komagome Station
 Sugamo Station
 Ootsuka Station
 Ikebukuro Station
 Mejiro Station
 Takadanobaba Station
 Shinookubo Station
 Shinjyuku Station
 Yoyogi Station
 Harajyuku Station
 Shibuya Station
 Meguro Station
 Gotanda Station
 Oosaki Station
 Shinagawa Station
 Tamachi Station
 Hamamatsucho Station
 Shinbashi Station
 Yuurakutyou Station


1. About the train ticket
You can ride the train with a 130 yen ticket, but it is illegal to return to the same station with the used ticket. Therefore, you have to exit off of the train and purchase a new 130 yen ticket to return to the station.

2. Crowd
I do not recommend you to enjoy Tokyo with the yamanote line between 7-10am and 5-6pm because many people will be using the train to go to work and school. During these hours you will be crammed into the train with no way to enjoy the outside. You will simply be tired! That’s it!

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