The Sacred Tea Ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony is perhaps one of the most beautiful and symbolic parts of Japanese culture. ?Elegance defines it and refined movements is part of its symbolism. ??The Kanji for “tea ceremony” would be “茶道” (“Sadou” or “Chadou”), and the literal translation being “the way of tea.” ?From a foreigner’s perspective, it may be difficult to understand the “way” of tea, that the tea ceremony is much more than simply drinking tea. ?Thus, one should experience a tea ceremony to fully grasp its meaning and understand the deeper culture of the land of the Rising Sun. ?During the tea ceremony, guests are supposed to sit in the Japanese style, that is, sitting with legs bent and weight on the ankles. ?Guests are to watch the perfect and stylish motions of the host, delighting in the artistic movements of the ceremony. ?Then guests nibble on small cakes, followed by three sips of a special kind of green tea, which has a concentrated color and slightly bitter taste, while studying the simple and attractive design of the tea bowl.
“Sadou” means much more than just simple tea drinking. ?It’s all about a deep concentration, respect and contemplation of the beauty and harmony of the tea ceremony. ?Every movement in the ritual is significant, every word uttered by the host full of meaning and even turning the tea bowl is important. ?To fully understand the sacred ritual, feel tranquility in the chaos of modern life, one should experience “Sadou” at least once in their lives. ?
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