Everyone use a school bag when they go to school every country. There is Randoseru that is used by many elementary student in Japan. That is not asked to use it. They can use another school bag, but that is common.


About Randoseru
Usually, the Randoseru is red in color for girls, black for boys. While in more conservative schools the color (often the brand and the design) is mandated and enforced, the backpack is available in a variety of colours, partly as a compromise for parents to retain some tradition within modernized schools which no longer require the use of traditional uniforms of the Randoseru.
Traditionally given to a child upon beginning their first year at elementary school, the Randoseru’s materials and workmanship are designed to allow the backpack to endure the child’s entire elementary education (six years).
When empty, the average randoseru weighs approximately 1.2 kg. It measures roughly 30 cm high by 23 cm wide by 18 cm deep, and features a softer grade of leather or material on those surface which touch the body.
The average cost for a Randoseru is around ?2 to 50000 yen and depend the material features.


History of Randoseru
Bag began and spread in Japan’s around the Meiji era. The term Randoseru is a borrowed word from the Dutch “ransel” meaning “backpack”, a clue to its origins nearly 200 years ago as used in the Netherlands. It was first introduced at the prestigious Gakushuin Elementary School in the 19th century. The backpack was originally designed for military use and made of cloth. The first randoseru made of leather is believed to have been produced in 1887 when Prime Minister Hirobumi Ito ordered one to celebrate then Crown Prince Taisho’s entry into Gakushuin.


How it is used after they graduate school?
Randoseru is a memory of elementary school years, so most of them want to keep it. But in fact, it can be used for brothers or sisters, but it might be also given on the neighborhood if ?it’s still in good condition. However, after school graduation, some student use the old randoseru for creating a small randoseru or redesigned as a pencil ?case etc.