Land of the Lawson

If 7-11 is the king of convenience stores then Lawson is… a… very good convenience store, indeed! Lawson is the second largest convenience store chain in Japan and can be found in every prefecture, and even has a popular 100 yen store subsidiary.

Lawson came to Japan in the 70’s and caught on quickly. Its popularity in Japan soon surpassed its popularity in the US and was eventually bought out by Japanese investors and became a Japanese company. In addition to its convenience store chains, Lawson also runs a popular 100 yen grocery store chain.

Like all convenience stores, Lawson offers a variety of products. Lawson offers a fairly standard offering of food, a list of which can be found here, as well as campaigns. Their campaigns usually offer special items if you shop at the store or buy enough of a certain product. Those products are normally Lawson’s Original. That meaning is… we can only buy/get the products from Lawson Stores. These campaigns can be extremely popular. One campaign for the anime, “K-on!” was so popular that the sheer number of people logging onto Lawson’s website to join the campaign caused the server to crash. A full list of campaigns can be seen here.

A full list of campaigns can be seen here.

here is link of the campaign.

We can get Lawson’s original korilakkuma plate now! I have to buy foods from Lawson Store and collect 30 stickers though.. It is cute so I will keep buying and get the plate finally! They do have some original food of rilakkuma now also.

Don’t you think rilakkuma is cute?



Lawson also offers a service called Loppi. A Loppi is a machine that looks an ATM, that can be used to order things online, buy concert tickets, etc. It is a very useful device. Learn more about Loppi here and be on the lookout for Lqua’s how-to-use Loppi video.


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