A new technological advance has become popular in Japan. ?It is called “aerial imaging” and is the next step in 3D technology.An aerial image looks like a real tangible thing–something you can touch, hold in your hands but is in fact only an image. ?The image appears real, but is not. ?How it works is an Aerial Imaging Plate is placed in front of an LCD screen and reflects the images to the other side, which is essentially air and space. ?The image is only able to be seen from standing in front of the Aerial Imaging Plate and cannot be seen from the sides. ?When placing an object behind the AIP, it becomes a mirage and looks very real, yet one’s hand simply passes through the image. ?Asukanet introduced this imaging at the 2011 Sign & Display Show in Tokyo earlier this year. ?The company started as a photo and image digital processing company but branched out into aerial imaging in March 2011.
To check out how the AIP works and what exactly it does, click on the YouTube video link below: