Doctoral Degree for Manga!?

Do you love manga as much as I do? So much so you’d pursue a degree in it? Acording to Kyoto Seika University’s website ( 11th June 2011), they announced they are going to establish a doctorate course for manga in April 2012. Kyoto Seika University is a private university in Japan. There are many two year colleges and universities that have manga courses, but Kyoto Seika University is the first university that will offer a master’s degree and doctoral degree in Manga. The program faculty and professors are professional comic artists, cartoonists, directors of animation, creators, comic editors and so on. The degree course has four majors, three of which are in the fields of art, design and manga. The four majors include story manga, cartoon, animation and manga production. Kyoto Seika University focuses on Art research and is the only university in Japan joining CULUMUS (

They have an international student exchange system. If you are interested please check here (

Here is the major’s introduction movie:

Only in Japan can you major in Manga!

Universities and Colleges that offer manga courses:

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