Diet using a microorganism!?


The Japanese have come out with a new diet using a microorganism called “euglena” or “midorimushi” in Japanese. What is this “midorimushi?” It’s a type of microorganism that moves like an animal and can eat as an animal through heterotrophy, and acts as a plant in that it can photosynthesize and gather nutrients through atrophy. One type of midorimushi is the kind that is found on stagnant water–the green scum that formulates. Midorimushi is rich in nutrients and according to researchers, can be used as a dietary supplement.

This new diet is said to lower cholesterol and fight fat. There are several products on the market now containing the midorimushi. One is midorimushi cookies. It takes the fear out of eating a microorganism and is marketed well. One can also buy midorimushi in powder form to be sprinkled over rice or in tea. There’s the midorimushi bagel and even midorimushi prepared with soy sauce and sugar for that slightly sweet taste. Midorimushi seems to be popular in Japan but is this something that will eventually be exported to the rest of the world?

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