Cost for educating a child in Japan

by kudou kouzou

The importance of education is established at an early age in Japan. Almost all Japanese children attend some form of pre-school, either kindergarten (yochien) or education-based daycare centers (hoikuen). This stage is not compulsory, so parents have to bear all fees for this.

Tuition fees for public elementary schools and middle schools are free of charge. However, it is necessary to pay for lunches in schools which prepare them. Also, financial outlay for school excursions, the child’s personal class equipment and musical instruments for class are necessary.

After graduating from middle school, in order to study at high school, various school fees must be paid. The first one is the “exam fee” for taking the entrance exams, and a one-time “admission fee” upon admission are necessary. There are also the costs for books and various other expenses necessary for studies or school trips. For private high schools and technical schools, there are a lot of additional fees such as facility fees (cost for setting up the building and facilities) for private high schools and practicum fees for technical schools. These fees are must be paid to the school and are therefore called collectively “school contributions”. Necessary fees differ widely according to the type of school, the field of study, and whether it is run by the government or privately owned.

Even still, almost all Japanese students go on to university or vocational schools.

Unlike many other countries, Japan does not have a university culture that equates cost with quality. In other words, more expensive schools are not necessarily better schools.

Private universities decide how much they charge for tuition and fees, while public universities may not charge tuition and fees more than the upper limit set by the government and charge tuition and fees on a flexible basis.

Find below, a comparison of each stage of schooling between public and private.

Kindengarten :753,9721,696,200
Entrance fee?-?81,002
School education?400,038?1,105,176
School lunch43,17075,459
Out of school activities?310,764?434,583
Elementary School :?2,004,8048,607,560
Entrance fee368,456
School education339,9304,680,006
School lunch245,622185,058
Out of school activites1,419,2523,374,040
Junior High School :1,415,2564,182,253
Entrance fee374,080
School eduction399,5492,873,679
school lunch109,68921,762
Out of school activities906,018912,732
Senior High School :1,561,5093,481,433
Entrance fee345,731
School education1,031,7662,355,867
School lunch
Out of school activities529,743779,835
Universities :
Specialisation sciences8,544,40011,544,125
Total for schooling :?14,279,941?29,511,591


Ref: Household expenditure on education per student for each? kind of school in yen ( kindergarten, Elementary school, Junior High School, Senior High School, Universities)


Statical information of Education – Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japan?

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