Candy, chocolate, cakes, pies, they’re all popular in Japan! They’re also very colorful, as it is part of the Japanese culture. Unlike in the western world where “candy” encompasses most small sweet things like a candy bar (like a Snicker’s, Yorkie, Milky Way, etc.), “candy” in Japan are small candies, similar to a Jolly Rancher, lollipop, and the Everlasting Gobstopper.

by sayo

Chocolate is much the same, as it is everywhere in the world. Some popular chocolate sweets include Pocky, a chocolate covered biscuit (cookie) stick, kinoko no yama, and takenoko no sato, chocolate biscuits (cookies). Kinoko no yama are small mushroom shaped cookies with chocolate covered tops. Almond chocolate is also popular. Many companies create seasonal items, such a strawberry chocolate products in the spring, white chocolate for the winter and chestnut chocolate for the fall season. There is also the ever popular Valentine’s chocolates girls make in February to give to boys they like. Girls will sometimes make these from scratch, but are often store bought.

Most of the popular cakes and pies are those made with fruit or topped with fruit. There are strawberry cakes, cherry cakes, mixed fruit cakes, chocolate cakes, cream cakes, you name it, you can buy it! Fresh fruit pies are very popular as well. Cream filled eclairs are also available.

You can buy cakes, chocolates and any type of sweet at convenience and grocery stores, as well as specialty shops. Convenience and grocery store prices for candy range from 150 yen to 300 yen and chocolate 100 yen to 500 yen. The prices for items in a specialty shop and for famous brands will be more. A slice of cake costs approximately 250 yen and a full size cake up to 6000 yen. Some cake specialty shops can charge up to 8000 yen for a cake, depending on the ingredients used.

Japanese Candies Available in the US