All You Need To Know About Electrical Outlets

Outlet in Japan

Electrical Outlets

Contrary to popular belief, not all electrical outlets are the same in every country. Electricity in the U.S. runs on 120volts and has two- or three- prong outlets, while electricity in Japan runs on 100 volts and have two-prong outlets. Although the two-prong outlets look similar to the North American two-prong outlets, they are not the same voltage. Plugging your North American electrical equipment into a Japanese outlet is not wise and could damage your electronics. Therefore, you should buy a converter or transformer.

Converter v. Transformer
When using North American electronics in Japan, you need a transformer or converter to convert the voltage. A converter is usually more lightweight and ideal for low power electronics not to be used for a long amount of time, like hairdryers and irons. A transformer can be used for a continuous amount of time and is more ideal for things like battery chargers, computers, cameras, etc. Some places do sell a converter/transformer combo that has a switch allowing you to switch between the two.

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