New sightseeing spot in Japan   Tokyo Sky Tree

by Namazu-tron
by Namazu-tron

So what is this “Tokyo Sky Tree” and what’s so cool about it? Well, it goes along with Japan’s technological culture and obsession with anything “high tech.” The Tokyo Sky Tree is a very tall (approximately 634 meters) telecommunications tower that, when complete in May 2012, will be the tallest structure in Japan and the tallest telecommunications tower in the world. It will be lit by LED lighting and look like a mix between the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Space Needle in Washington state except it will be much taller than both! When it unveils its grand opening on May 22, 2012, people can take a tour of the tower and pay to access its various observation decks. Admission to the top observation deck with cost 3,000 yen, while admission to the first observation deck, approximately 350 meters high, will be 2,000 yen. Advance tickets will be available starting in March 2012. Tokyo Sky Tree will also have commercial and retail facility that will house various shops and businesses and will be 31 stories in height.

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